The CUSIO district of taps and fittings

This area of ​​upper Piedmont known as Cusio, the ancient name of the hydrogeographic basin of Lake Orta, is characterized by its sweet and enchanting landscape beauty, and is today known throughout the world as a district dedicated to the production of taps and fittings.

What gave rise to the steel industry in such an evocative territory?

The rich presence in the territory of fuels such as peat and lignite has favored, since 1500, the birth of activities dedicated to the smelting and processing of metals and alloys. First the casting of bronze bells, then brass objects such as cutlery, candlesticks, household items and handles.
In 1908 the first laboratory of articles for taps was opened, and gradually foundries and lathes converted their production of small brass objects, less and less in demand, into taps and valves.
The reconstruction after World War II is characterized by a housing standard that is more attentive to health needs. More simply water, in the bathroom and in the kitchen, is increasingly present, with the obvious need for the "tap", and this is how we are ready to expand to respond to new requests.
The entrepreneurial spirit, the seriousness, and the continuous innovative commitment of the Cusio companies has brought and still carries the quality of taps all over the world.